We're Decked 2017

This tree is finally up. We're decked.  Homegrown, hand cut, popped in a winebarrel on top of burlap sacks I got for free at the local coffee roasting company.  Whimsical. Festive. Free. Good enough. It's unique and different and it makes us all happy.
 Although, real life, I cannot say the decorating was all joyful. My frustration with the chaos and mess in the top pic, paralleled with my husband taking a snooze, not worried a bit with the house still a disaster in the bottom pic.  Alas, all is tidied, festive and complete.
The merriment was there, though.
 Especially given it's little miss's first Christmas.  Next up, Christmas cookies making, per request.  It wouldn't be Christmas without cookies. The Santa who visits this house agrees wholeheartedly.


  1. What a beautiful tree. Y'all did a great job!

  2. looks great and I went through that too when I started unpacking my holiday decor, overwhelming but then I sorted it out. I'm actually getting rid of more this year and that way it will be a little bit less to deal with next year! And I love your tree!cute!!!



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