Good eats

When I was at my brother's, I caught myself tapping the floor next to the mess left by this girl, beckoning for the dogs to come.  Alas, he has no dogs.  I guess I didn't realize how much our dogs help with the foods that go overboard.  I think I'd seriously consider cutting down on the self feeding without our four legged hoover system. This girl, though, she's a foodie.  I've never gotten in the habit of buying premade baby foods. I just have always given my babies the foods we'd eat. There is nothing this girl won't eat.  She eats everything. And she consumes enough to fuel her for a lengthy pilgrimage. Her latest fave? Kalamata olives.  I chop those babies up and they are gone faster than I can keep up.  I hope she's interested in gardening, as we'll need to up our yield to keep up with her appetite!

1 comment:

  1. What a blessing to have a good eater. Another blessing is no allergies! I'll bet she will be itching to get into that garden in the spring.

    (For some reason, the picture doesn't show up.)



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