Merry Making

 Admittedly, our merry making is tardy.   All that we have done that is holiday-like is make these centerpieces (with LOTS of random nature things...oh the creativity), got down some Christmas books and we have the advent calendar my uncle mailed us going.  That's it.  At the Sunday School class I teach, my kid was just about the only one out of 24 who didn't have the tree up. 
 I keep saying "Today is the day", but then the day is done before any merry making commenced.  Today I made some delicious food, made a month's worth of bread, cleaned out the chicken coop, did plies of laundry, read oodles of books and then had a fun time laughing with friends. Although we remain undecorated for Christmas, there is still a whole lot of goodness in our days. We'll get the tree eventually. Maybe even tomorrow. Or maybe not. Either way, the hustle bustle of the season isn't going to put pressure on me this year!

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