Baby baby baby

Confession... I cannot stop thinking about babies!  And looking at pictures of my own babies.  And staring at tiny babies when I see them out and about. I am getting SO excited for our 3rd!  It's funny though...even though I can't get babies off my mind, I simultaneously am not motivated to get all the baby stuff down from the attic. I suspect I will bring the baby home and then put my husband to work pulling the stuff down we need. It's all there, we just need to get it.  Really, how much do you need straight away anyway?! I did, however, get a carseat.  We now have three carseats, so at least we will be able to transport the baby. Other details...they can wait.  For now, I'm just going to swoon over baby pics.


  1. Happy for your final countdown! Can you do a baby pic side by side blog post of you and Justin's pics and your kids?

  2. Oh I totally get what you mean... I love watching babies, especially mine!
    And it makes you want the one in your belly even more.
    Soon dear, soon!

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