While I wasn't out there helping this time around, I did sneak out for a couple pics.  That old hand crank drill has been dusted off, buckets have been washed and now a few of our maples are tapped. Just this one warm day yielded enough for the first boil down and a taste of fresh warm maple syrup.  Now the frigid temps are back, but it won't be long for the sap to be running again.  

Maybe someday we'll gear up to tap the numerous maples we have on our property for a true harvest. This year, just a few taps to experience the fun of it all is what we're focused on.   Thank you, Justin, for helping the enthusiastic crew.
 And thanks to Zippy who followed my crew wherever they went.  Fearless protector.


  1. How great it is that your kids are in the rhythm of the seasons and get to see the miracle of Mother Nature providing. You and hubby are giving them such a great life.

  2. You know that living like a king doesn't mean that you have to be living in a castle, eating from golden plates.
    It means you appreciate the things you have and feel rich just enjoying the things you do.

  3. How cool, and the snow sure has melted! Nancy



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