The view from here...

38 weeks.  Decided that I better take a picture or two of my pregnant belly before it's too late.  And the view from here is:

Baby one (now 6 1/2)

 Baby 2 (now 4 1/2)
 Loving on baby #3

 I made my husband take a couple non-selfie shots. Not that I really love full term pregnant pictures of me, but I cherish the pictures of my mom pregnant with me and want to give my baby girl some pregnancy photos.
 Now it's anytime, baby girl. Anytime!


  1. So sweet. Glad you did this. You're in the home stretch and lookin' mighty good, I might add! Enjoy.

  2. You look happy and healthy!!! Your children are adorable!!! Blessings to you and your family!!! A new little, how exciting!



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