We have a little tradition around here. Every year, on what would have been my mom's birthday, we celebrate.  I tell stories, I show pictures, I pick lilacs, I smile, I laugh and I remember. And we all eat chocolate. Always chocolate. My mom never would have had a birthday without chocolate.  That's for certain. 

It's been nearly 21 years since I lost my mom. It's hard to believe I've had more living years without her than I've had with her because I carry a piece of her in my heart everyday.  Who I am is because of who she was.  I'm thankful for that.

I bet she would be mighty happy to snuggle her newest grandbaby, Miss Anna-Kate (along with her others, of course).  Everytime someone asks Anna-Kate how she got her name, she'll talk of being named after her grandmother.  I'll make sure to keep the stories coming so those memories live on.



  1. What a beautiful tradition. No doubt your momma is right there with you.

  2. Awe, this made me tear up! What a wonderful tradition, for you and your family! I lost my mom in '94, she also loved lilacs! Anna-Kate is beautiful!



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