Rain, Rain, Go Away...in Maine and along the St. Lawrence River

I swear it rains about everyday lately.  Rain, rain, go away.

 Although I'm sick of muddy clothes, they clearly are not.
My hometown the same, although there's been more rain in Northern NY than in Southern Maine. The St. Lawrence River is the highest it's ever been in my lifetime. Sadly, many folks have completely lost their docks and their camps. 

This is where we escape every summer on the St. Lawrence River, these pics from previous vacations.

And this is what it looked like when I was visiting a couple of weeks ago. SO much rain.  Completely flooded. Can't even see our docks. (Some of these pics my brother took, thanks Matt)

Crazy to think this is what it usually looks like (below)  and all this up to the windows has been under water.  I'm thankful our camp is far enough away to not be of concern, but my thoughts go out to those who have lost their camps to floods.
We have more rain in the forecast tomorrow.  Hope to have a sunny day sooner than later.  Rain, rain, go away.


  1. Oh, what a shame about the docks and camps. I wish there was some way to divert all that rain and send it down south. They need it.
    How in the world do you get those jeans clean? ;0D

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