Keeping on.

Want to hear about my afternoon?

I grocery shopped with my three littles, came home, put all the groceries away, made a homemade meal that included my own homegrown greens, brined a chicken for tomorrow's meal, did barn chores, collected eggs, did laundry and cleaned the whole kitchen. All by myself with two big kiddos and a baby in my arms/in a carrier.

(Here's Miss Curious who definitely does not want to miss a single thing.)

Does that sound like super woman?  Perhaps.  Until I tell you that I started all that in the afternoon and didn't complete it all until bedtime. That took me 8 hours to accomplish. No joke. And now I'm wiped out.

Not so superwomanish.

Today is the first day my husband has gone back to work since we had Anna-Kate.  We're so fortunate that he has been able to take a whole month off for each kid.  Now I must adjust to our new normal, flying solo with the trio.  It's funny how it works that one child feels overwhelming when there's just one. And then you adjust to the new normal and get in a groove.  Then once you have two, one child seems easy peasy and two is overwhelming. Then you adjust to the new normal and get in a groove.  Now we have three and having just one or just two seems easy peasy, but the three is overwhelming.  Of course, once we find our groove, three will be just fine. It's just the adjustment. That's the tricky part.
And my, is it an adjustment without Justin. He was super, super helpful all month.  Thankful I had him here when my body wasn't feeling back to normal. Now I am feeling healthy, it's time to adjust and get in our groove.  But gosh.  We miss him.  We all do. 
Tomorrow, I plan on finishing planting the same 12 pepper plants I have been aiming to plant since Monday.  Seriously, each day I planned to plant them all and it has taken me 5 days to plant 7 out of the 12.  I'll keep on keeping on, puttering away. It will all get done eventually. Or maybe not. doesn't matter anyway. There's a baby to snuggle.


  1. How great that J had a whole month with y'all. I can't believe how much you've accomplished in the first month. I know your two older helpers are invaluable to you. Take your time and enjoy these sweet newborn days. They will give you memories for years to come. Blessings to you all.

  2. A friend told me once you get past three, the rest are three you have run out of hands ( one child in each hand) and she thought that was hard, but after three, it was over and done, because she had ALREADY run out of 4, 5,6....was no big deal.......
    I think you are accomplishing a ton! Don't over do!!!!



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