The Life of # 3

Sometimes you get 'parked' so the rest of us can get something done.  We cleaned out the goat pen while you slept your afternoon away.

Because your sister is this spirited girl and loves to pick out your clothes, 

Your outfits are often...well...interesting. Pink striped shirt with a red, white and blue dress and a pastel hat (which was homemade by a sibling of one of my work kiddos, thank you!). Each cute on their own, but the combinations she comes up with are mighty unique. 

The perks?  Because I had to keep an eye on your siblings, you were able to have your lunch here.

 And your siblings? They never refuse a chance to snuggle you.  They tell you how special you are and how much they love you everyday.

 We are still so smitten, we truly are!

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