A sewing project

Summer is always such a busy time with the gardens, food preservation and animals...adding a third baby has certainly made it more busy. My most favorite R&R activity is sewing, but to be honest, I've had little time and energy for sewing projects as of late. A couple weeks ago, I was really feeling the urge to work on a sewing project and decided to finally hem that tablecloth that was cut out long ago.  I had been wanting to get a little practice with the rolled hem foot for some time anyway Once I sat down and committed myself to finishing, it didn't take me long to do it and I felt accomplished when I was done.  I really need to figure out a way to add a little more "me" time in the form of sewing into my days, it truly does my whole self good.  Regardless, I did get this done. A bit of handmade makes a table feel more like a home. 


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