Garden 2017: Update 3

 Well, somehow, it's growing!  With a brand new newborn, I got it all planted. I usually do a lot of work mulching. Skipped that this year.  I usually will turn on the hose here and there.  We cannot find the other half to our sprinkler. So I just haven't watered it.  Nevertheless, things are growing.  I thank all the work I've done on the soil and that it must be retaining more moisture.  We've been eating out of it for a while now, but now we're at the point where we're getting a little more variety.  Finally picked our first pepper. Tomorrow might be the day for summer squash and zucchini.  Peas and greenbeans will likely be next week.  And the berries...oh the berries.  We forage all day and still find ones we missed at the end of the day.
 I cannot believe I planted all this WITH a baby, but it's there and growing.
 My raspberries and grapes...can you believe all this was haying field the year we moved in!?
 Hello basil.
 I now am proud to have perpetual cilantro. It just keeps reseeding itself.
 I actually weeded (some) of the carrots.  Hopefully my efforts paid off.
 Peas were in late this year, but nevertheless, they are coming.
 Buckwheat is my fave thing to grow lately. If something doesn't come or I don't know what to put there, I just throw some buckwheat down. It grows with no effort, the bees love it, it keeps the weeds down, adds nutrients to the soil and I can just pull with little effort and give it to the chickens when I'm done.
 Looking forward to seeing what this year's harvest will bring. I imagine it won't be as high as last year (800 pounds), but we shall see. At 50 pounds so far for this year.  How are your gardens coming?

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  1. Brilliant! I don't know how you did that with a baby on board. Your basil looks wonderful!
    We are just getting started with straw bale gardening. Actually, I am finding resources now and hope to put it in by the end of the month so that I can grow for fall/winter. A new adventure!

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