Garden 2017: Update 4

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 We're in the thick of the thick of the garden now. I look out there and cannot believe I planted all that with a newborn.  Today I officially harvested 100 pounds of food. Kids are out there eating tomatoes like apples.  Every meal is garden fresh. For tonight's dinner, I made a salad and pasta.  Simple meal to most. I can take anything simple and make it the most complex and time consuming endeavor.  I picked eggplant, summer squash, basil, oregano, parsley, collard greens, swiss chard, kale, carrots, peppers, tomatoes and peas. Plus homegrown meat for meatballs. And then we had chocolate zucchini cake.  Then a round of green beans to snap and freeze later in the evening. My husband said it was the best pasta dish ever.

I ran out of steam when planting and just tossed in a ton of zinnia seeds.  They are bountiful. I am trying to pick and share as many bouquets as possible.
 Zinnias, buckwheat and hosta=bouquet.
 And this pic is for my dad. We had this apple tree that produced a whopping 3 apples a year. since we've been here. Delicious apples though.  He helped prune it (aka hack it to pieces) with his chainsaw and it is LOADED with apples now. Thanks BOG.
 This week was back to work and even though I feel like I'm sinking in paperwork, in the food production world, I feel like I'm swimming. There's nothing like homegrown.


  1. Wow, that's a wonderful menu. Your bouquets are a gorgeous combination of color and texture.
    The paperwork will wait. Enjoy your summer garden.

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