His Homemade "Doll"

Two days before his sister's 5th birthday, Adrian whispered to me: "Mama!  I haven't got anything for Audra's birthday!  I need to get going! I really need to make her a doll!" Then he came back with a sketch and said "Just like this, mama."

Okay, a doll is NOT a quick project.  The arms, the legs, embroidering the face, adding hair...  I didn't want to discourage him, but I also did not have enough time to be with him 1:1 to do elaborate doll making two days before her birthday. Quick thinking.  His sketch was just so darling.  I asked him if he'd recreate that sketch with sharpies on fabric. He thought it was a fantastic idea. So, he drew her this and backed it with cooking fabric (since she likes to cook), sewed it up, stuffed it and hand stitched it closed.  I was just about all hands off for this project, with the exception of guiding the sewing machine around those curves.

He's just so proud of it.  As am I. Fitting he's wearing his 4-H shirt doing sewing projects.  Probably planned on his part.
He actually gave her to her the morning of her birthday. Her reaction was so precious.  She loves it.
No, that's absolutely not a tear in my eye.  Absolutely not.

Okay, it is.

I am just so touched by the thoughtfulness, craftiness, the personal touch and the beautiful way she received it.  Moments like these my heart just doubles in size.

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  1. Amazing! What a thoughtful boy and gracious girl. Y'all know how to make some serious fun happen!



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