Haying time!

Oh, it happened.  While I heard Farmer Rick roll in at 5:30am to begin haying, the kids didn't.  And when they woke up and saw what was happening, they did just as they have done years past....run outside, hollering and jumping for joy. "It's HAYING time!"  And then they remind me to make doughnuts because I "always" make doughnuts to celebrate haying day, so they say.  Twist my arm.  Fine. I'll make doughnuts.  Mmm.

Look at the air they have here!
 Adrian just cannot believe this day has come.
Haying day isn't really a day, it's a few days.  In those few days, all else has to be cancelled, as my kids NEED to be outside watching "The Farming Show".  They pretty much do nothing else but catch the show from dawn to dusk.
 This year Farm Rick let both kids 'help' by riding the tractor.  It's Audra's first year 'helping'.
  I am told she had plenty to say.
 No one minds the tractors left in the yard overnight either.  Didn't grab the camera while the big ones were awake, but at least got Anna-Kate.  Here she celebrates her first "Haying Day" holiday. Many more to come!  Thanks to Farmer Rick, who is a celebrity in our home, for letting my kids be a part of "Haying Day".

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  1. What a fabulous Lipsky tradition! I hope Farmer Rick knows how much joy he is bringing to those wee ones.



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