Country Lovin' Kids 2015 ReCap

As usual, I'm slower than I wanted to be getting pictures up and I took way less action pictures than I wanted to.  But, we had 67 people here, perfect weather, lots of squeals, friendships, laughter, fun and good snacks. We ran in the fields, fed the animals, petted chickens, had a puppet show, had a picnic, watched the train go by, played with some hennies, got our faces painted, made some art, collected crickets, listened to live fiddle music, had a farming parade, played duck duck goose and ate some snacks. In fact, if you were Audra, you ate the entire party. And the best part?  $201 collected to donate to drill wells for countries who don't have the luxury of running water.  Can't beat it. Thank you so much for coming, friends, and for your generosity. It's something special having your homestead filled with a whole bunch of wonderful people.

(Lots of tiny dots in the field=people!)


More action shots here:


  1. Looks like such a wonderful day! What a way to experience everything the country has to give!

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