"Let's Play Old Fashioned"

Audra is a huge fan of playing and dressing 'old fashioned'. I caught her pretending to cook in our non working fireplace. She said "Mama, I wish this had a spit so I could cook more things."  How does she know what a spit is?! "I just know these things, mama."

We don't have a spit, but we have a silver tea set and oodles of enamel dishware, a pretend wooden sewing machine, wooden iron and ironing board, a washboard and wooden drying rack, vintage napkins and linens, old aprons, old table and chairs and the list goes on...

She's over the moon happy with her old fashioned play area.

 As is he.

 What has earn me 'The best mama ever" title, so they say, is that I let them eat their real dinner off our vintage transferware in their new play space.  I foresee many hours of enjoyment here!

1 comment:

  1. It's "Little House on the Prarie" come to life! How fun.



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