Upper Canada Village

You know when you went some place as a kid and you remember it as so amazing....and then you go back to the same place 25 years later as an adult and think "I was excited for this?!"

Well that didn't happen this time around.

I loved going to Upper Canada Village as a kid. It's this timeless working living community museum set in the 1860s. I loved dressing up 'old fashioned' with my cousins as a kid, loved learning about the 'olden times' and was mesmerized by how they used to do things.

25 years later, I return (with one of my cousins and his family) and the good got even better. It's a well kept place with thriving gardens, knowledgeable staff and interesting things.  Transportation is horse and buggy.  We had a horse drawn boat ride.  We spent oodles of time in the working mills-the woolen mill, saw mill and flour mill. All run on water power. We toured many homes, many had workers in the homes tending fires, making meals and going about day to day business.  We saw a school session, many animals and the horse and buggy hauling hand cut hay. We checked out the dressmaker's house, the quilting house, the fiber dying house, the print shop, the blacksmith, the tin maker, the cabinet maker, the bread maker, the tinsmith, the shoe maker, the broom maker, the cheesemaker, and I know I must be forgetting some. There's the tavern and the church and the hotel. Oh, and the general store-with the post office, fabric for sale, sweets, transferware, cast iron, tin cups, flour and sugar, etc.

It's so neat to go back to a fave childhood memory and see that the good got even better.  My kids loved, as did my husband, which is saying a lot, as this type of stuff isn't his thing usually.
And now I share with you oodles of pictures. We cannot wait to go back. (If you are local to the area, they gave us two free tickets when we left, which need to be used in the next couple of weeks. Let me know and I'll mail them ASAP).




  1. what a fabulous place and there were hands on displays for everyone to get a feel....



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