We have lots of snow now!  For the last two days all it has been doing is snowing.

 Adrian mostly has been shoveling. He spent 5 hours outside yesterday and who knows how many today. Mostly shoveling. There are paths everywhere. He even brought his shovel to the neighbors and shoveled there for a bit.  Hard to get a good pic, because he is always in motion. He has been eating EVERYTHING at meals and still saying he is hungry after seconds and thirds. He has been falling asleep in 2 seconds flat.
 Anna-Kate is warming up to the idea of going out in the snow.
 Not for long. She likes to come in and warm by the fire. She says it's "too too cold out there".
 Audra, though. She is blissfully playing Road to Avonlea.  And briefly gets Anna-Kate to dress the part too (Anna-Kate is wearing a dress and apron I made Audra, they fit her now, so she says.)
 She's plenty warm in all her layers. She is very entertaining.
View from here is pretty good.

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