2019 Christmas Recap

From Christmas Eve to Christmas Day

 Yes, I was making more resuable bags Christmas Eve.  Each kid had four bags: Want, Wear, Read and Make.  (Plus some special gifts from some other special people in the back).

Apparently Santa ate the cookies and replaced them with an indoor doorframe playground.
 Stockings were Junk food from Santa, they know it's from Santa because mama would never buy prepackaged snacks.
 Little miss would prefer to swing than open presents.

 When it was finally time to open presents (we have to take care of all animals before presents), Audra did the same as last year.  She gathered her gifts for me and had me open the first gift.
 Adrian decided to do the same. They are good gift givers. I always know the price when I open Adrian's.
 And their dad gifts are swell too.

 And the a starbucks one to replace his that broke. They are very thoughtful.

The gifts they get for one another end up being favorites too.

 I just love their excitement.  They are used Carhart pants. You'd think I got him the moon.
 He wanted a new Carhart coat last year. Too expensive, even on Ebay.  I bought this brand new one on Ebay in May of last year.  $20.  He's thrilled.
 Thank you!!
Audra has borrowed this book so many times from the library. She's thrilled.
 And how did I EVER know she wanted old fashioned boots?
 (Thank you!)
 Anna-Kate is still figuring all this out!
 She does like her peg people transportation set.
 Justin's epic gift.
 And my epic gift. The Christmas napkins I brought down from the attic and was looking for all month were found in this box under the tree. I was regifted my own napkins, thanks to Audra.  We at least got to use them for Christmas Dinner!

 Their loot

Truly, it was a magical Christmas. <3

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