Nature Journaling: Wasp Nests

Before this blanket of snow we now have, we had been finding wasp nests like crazy!  We have found four total so far. Two very big ones, a medium sized one and a small one. We collect them for our nature table (which our nature table is taking over our house).  We also make entries into our nature journal (at this picture below, we had only found three nests, can you spot them?).
 Proud to say that these kids have done two full years of nature journaling.

 And I'm also proud to say that 50% of the time, I have been keeping up with my own nature journal. My kids fill a journal a year, I fill about a half of a journal a year. My entries are not nearly as detailed as I like (for I almost always have Anna-Kate on my lap 'helping'), but something is better than nothing.  My goal is to fill as much as my big kids do and spend the same amount of time. Someday...

Anyone else do nature journaling?  At first I thought it was just 'one more thing', but I recall what I have entered and I enjoy going back through past entries and reliving the memories. I think I'm a nature journaler for life now!

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