Mama made: Dress, Apron and "BOOMERS"

Anna-Kate has been wishing for some 'Boomers', (aka Bloomers) like her sister has.  The snowday this week, I FINALLY finished this project I started a bit ago.  A long dress for old fashioned play, an apron and of course BOOMERS. She also gets excited for pockets.

 She loves it, hardly wants to take it off.
 Of course big sister is thrilled to have someone play old fashioned with her.
 Audra set up this store and cut out all these pence and half pence coins out of paper.  She organized beans, pasta and buttons, all the play food is set up (not pictured) and her vintage linens are organized.  You can shop at the general store anytime. Only nothing you buy is for keeps. 

I just love when they get into play like this!   I hope to carve out some more time to create more things to feed into their interest in playing old fashioned.  I truly love this phase!

1 comment:

  1. I love her new outfit!

    So glad your kids are able to have so much pretend play time. It's really important.



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