Books,go figure. A soil testing kit. Nikes (because my kids' feet keep growing). And a cowboy hat (which is a $100 hat, we looked up the value online. It makes Adrian look tough, see below). $7.
And more shoes! Did I mention their feet keep growing?  Sperrys, two New Balance.  Plus three blank journals. $3.75.
And to answer the question that often comes up...almost every thrifting post is from a different thrift store from the last. I go all over! No thrift stores?  Amazing what you can find on facebook marketplace or ebay.  Our Christmas is nearly 100% thrifted (I collect year round).  The hunt is just as fun as the purchase! 


  1. What amazing finds you have there. Thrifting is something we love to do. Even find thrift stores when we go on vacations and day trips. Those little dockers are so cute.

  2. Great finds! I love those Ein-O box kits!



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