Six and a HALF, Audra Grace

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 Six and a HALF, Audra Grace!

How shall I attempt to put all you are into a short narrative?  Because you are much, much, MUCH bigger in personality than can fit into this space. You are either keeping us in stitches or challenging every ounce of our patience and there is no in between!  You keep us on our toes. You think fast, move fast. By the time we've caught up with you, you've moved on to the next.

Unless...there are three things that you will always slow down and focus on.

1) Books. How you love to be read to. You can go from 100mph to snuggled up and peacefully anticipating what will happen next. You prefer to have an audio book blaring at you throughout your entire day, especially in the car. Your vocabulary is exquisite. I love when you tell me to make haste or you prefer the dainty variety or whatever else random you say.

2) Animals. You are the animal whisperer.  You pretty much don't play with toys, you play with your animals. You create these elaborate schemes and set up these bedrooms, living rooms and castles for them. You snuggle them, talk to them, soothe them, feed them, brush them, take care of them.  All of them.  In a single day, it wouldn't be unusual for you to spend your free time shifting between the dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chickens and goats. 

3) Art. You, my girl, are quite the artist. You love to draw. And most giving to boot. The old mail messenger bag that I made years ago is constantly stuffed with your creations you will readily give out to whoever. You tape pictures and notes in random places. You slip them in pockets. You made ~30 miniature hand drawn ornaments just last week and they are now hung from every doorknob, light switch and handle in the kitchen. They are everywhere. But...does your art stop with pencil and paper? Goodness. NO.  Our whole house is decorated with crocheted chains. You paint on wood scraps and hoist them up here and there. You have this fabric scrap blanket that you are hand stitching and it's getting quite big. You love to find holes to mend. You like embroidery. And knot tying.  We find baling twine knotted creations everywhere. You also have quite the knack for cooking. And you're really taking to learning the art of music. 

A couple years back, I never thought I'd be able to say that you are a good sleeper, but you are, indeed!  You sing yourself to sleep and then rise with the sun. Throughout the day, you are alone pretty much never. You love to have company and to talk. You make friends wherever we go.  We joke that you will live in the city someday and be thriving with the hustle and bustle. You'll probably have lost your shoes, lost your money and lost your keys, but you'll find someone to buy you lunch!

Audra Grace, you have more spunk and energy than anyone I know.  I'm so thankful my days include you. 

Love, Mama

Her gifts:
 Which she is already mass producing potholders.


  1. Have a fantastic half birthday, Audra! You make your momma so happy!



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