Mama Made: Upcycled Nightgown

This nightgown is very special to Audra.  I always tell her that mama made jammies are like sleeping snuggled up with a hug from mama.  This nightgown is from her dad's old shirt, so she says it's like sleeping in a hug from both mom AND dad.

It's funny how these pics don't look that different, but trust me, they are!  I cut off the collar and the area around the shoulders.  I tailored the bottom part to fit Audra at her shoulders.  I cut the cuffs off and made them into the new, rounded collar. I cut and gathered the sleeves to make them puffed at the top and elastic at the bottom. It doesn't look that different, but it truly is! 

Here's the before/after.
I think you can see here more how it's tailored.  She loves it!



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