Look at this cutie, in a mama made dress.

But....she's not so innocent.  Trouble, I tell you.

Day FOUR of no napping.  I kid you not.  We're hoping and praying that we don't have a 2nd little girl who decides she's done napping well before age two!  Instead of getting tired, she has energy to boot!  Miss Anna-Kate spends her energy dancing (girl can shake her hips better than Beyonce), singing (hittin' those high notes like Carrie Underwood), 'helping' (as in dog food dumped in the water dish, dirty dishwasher unloaded, clean laundry spread out neatly all over the dirty floor) and talking! talking! talking!  (As in talking more than her mother. I know!  I didn't think that was possible either). She's generally a hoot. Good thing she's cute.

Mama, however, could use a nap.


  1. Maybe she just realized she doesn't want to miss anything! ;0D

  2. Look at that sweet face! Adorable mama made dress! Love the fabric!



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