Fresh Air 2019

In the midst of a very exhausting and challenging week of loss and injuries, we picked up our breath of Fresh Air from a coach bus.  This little 7 year old boy fit into our family perfectly. Such a delightful boy, he comes from such a loving and appreciative family too. Experiencing our life through his eyes was nothing short of magical and helps us remember to count our abundant blessings. I say this everytime we have gotten a Fresh Air kiddo...we allow them to play freely in 'our' fresh air, but the true breath of fresh air is having one more child to love dearly.

 I made sure to make him the same that I make all of our fresh air kids...a little bag with a chicken to remember Maine. He brought gifts for our kids, Anna-Kate loves the dress he gave her. She keeps calling him in the house, wondering where he went.  We all loved having him here.

The joy in having him was enough, but the cherry on top was this letter. Our Fresh Air weeks are definitely highlights of the summer.  (Interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer, do message me!)

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  1. That's so great that you do that! Last 2 images don't show on my end



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