Garden update #4

Update 2
Update 1
Update 3

It's a jungle out there.  And I grew that jungle. Sure there are weeds, but there are also flowers, herbs, greens, zucchini, cucumbers, peas, green beans, potatoes and so on and so forth.  My only regret is I planted those tall sunflowers in front of our zinnias.  I thought I was reducing the size of the garden, but then changed my mind. Oh well.

We are definitely eating from the garden three meals a day.  Oh, and the peach tree.  Look at this beautiful peach tree...  This orchard has been a labor of love, but looks like it is starting to be worth it!

Thankful to be able to feed my kids organically homegrowns. 


  1. No doubt the pollinators have been great for the garden. Homegrown is best!

  2. Love all of it! Those peaches are gorgeous! Dinner looks delicious!



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