2019 Garden: Update 2

Update 1

Tour of the garden from last weekend. Weeds are plentiful, but things are growing!

 I am so impatiently awaiting the zucchini!  Anyway!
 The sunflowers are higher than my waist. Parsnips are abundant.
 We'd have peas if the girls didn't pick all the half inches and eat them.
 Of course regular greens have been coming in for weeks.
This was after the last prune.  Pruned it up again tonight.

 Green beans look plentiful.

It's progressing!  How is your garden?


  1. It's looking so lush and abundant! I love that your kids grow up with the garden as part of their everyday life.

    We are harvesting kale, chard and lettuce, with sweet potatoes, loofah and butternut squash going a bit mad at the moment with growth. Lovin' it all.

    1. I've never grown sweet potatoes and never even thought of loofah! That's so neat! Neither grow well in Maine, but that's awesome you are growing it 'down south'.



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