Audra is SEVEN!

Seven!  Audra, you are growing like a weed! Changing so rapidly right under our eyes.

 Past milestones:
Six and a halfSix ,Five, 4 1/2,  Here's 4 , 3 1/23 years, 2 1/2 years2 years 18 months,  12 months,  9 months?  6 months?  3 months?  Just being born ).

While you are not one for silence and you never like to be alone, you, my girl, are the life of the party. Fun, excitement, energy, lover of new things. You're up for it all and you never tire of new and exciting things.  If we could keep your life full of fun things and oodles of people and free from any task you view as hard or annoying, you'd be thrilled!

You remain our resident animal whisperer and animal lover. You hardly play with toys, but you spend your days shifting from animal to animal. You not only love them and play with them, but take good care of them too. All of our animals truly love you.

You are certainly love to be read to and love your audio books. You like to have an audio ready to fill any possible second of silence.  You vocabulary is exquisite, and you told me today that you know a lot of words because that's what happens when you listen to audio books. I never know what you'e going to say, but you are clever and witty. You make me laugh all the time.

Your favorite sports are definitely ones you don't have to wait. You love to swim and you love to ride your bike. You also love to ride horses. You outfit of choice are short flowy dresses and skirts so you can run or long formal dresses so you can pay 'old fashioned'.

When you get into your crafts, you dive in.  You love to make little cards, folded up all sorts of ways with hidden messages in them. We could probably wrap our house a few times with all the crocheted chains you've made. When you get sewing, you certainly can crank out an elaborate project with some help. You also love to write-on your typewriter, in your journal, on the tiniest little scrap of useful paper.  Creatively spelled messages everywhere.

You are an excellent and adventurous eater and eat all sorts of foods. You graze on anything and everything from the garden and also gather and eat wild edibles. You love salads, plain yogurt with drizzled honey with all sorts of fruit and homemade treats.

You love your family deeply.  Your parents, grandparents, extended family, plus friends who feel like family.  You take SUCH good care looking after Anna-Kate.  When you are gone, we notice how much you really do to help out with her.  You say Adrian is your best friend. You can easily strike up a conversation with anyone, you regularly challenge yourself to see if you can get someone to smile, and you have the heart to serve others.

You are the one who keeps us on our toes, that's for sure!  The spunk and laughter you bring to this family are irreplaceable. You are a barrel of fun and I am so lucky to be your mama. Happy Birthday my SEVEN year old!

Love, Mama

Nicknames: Sparkly Eyes How old are you? 7 What is your favorite color? All colors What is your favorite animal? I like all animals except snakes.
What is your favorite book? Betsy Tacy. Uncle Wiggly. Laura Ingalls Wilder's books. What is your favorite song? Hymns, all sorts of hymns. And Angels Watching Over Me What is your favorite food? Yogurt and honey. Vegetables. Salads. Fruit. Bread and butter. What is your favorite drink? Lemonade and juices. What is your favorite breakfast food? Yogurt with honey. Homemade toast and butter.
What is your favorite snack? Granola bars What is your favorite outfit? Skirts and dresses. Not so much jeans.
What is your favorite game? Hoot Owl Hoot, Hurry Hurry Farmer, Trouble What is your favorite toy? I like my real animals better than toys. But I like to do crafts. Who is your best friend? Lucy, Paige, Leah, Anna, Adrian What is your favorite thing to do? Playing with my animals, playing outside, baking with my mama, playing old fashioned with my friends, book time, riding my bike or scooter. And having a birthday is one of my favorite things too.
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Riding my bike. Playing in the woods with my friends. Playing with my animals.
What is your favorite holiday? My birthday and Christmas and Halloween What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Bandit and Blackie (both stuffed animal dogs)
Where is your favorite place to go? Splash pad, NY, Florida, to see my friends, church and I love staying home. What is your favorite restaurant? Pizza Hut or Dominoes. Or I just love my mom's baking. Where do you want to go on vacation? NY to play with Makaio. What do you want to be when you grow up? A veterinarian.
What will you do on your birthday? Open presents, Eat: corn, BLTs on homemade bread, fruit salad, chips and cupcakes with blue frosting and sprinkles, Talk with my family, Sit on Nam's lap, Send Thank you notes to people, Watch mama make me a dress, play with my parents, miss my brother (who is at camp), play outside with Anna-Kate. I might put signs up that say "SEVEN YEAR OLD AUDRA" around the house. I might make placemats to remind everyone "SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AUDRA". And I'll probably enjoy nature, go for a walk to look for turkey eggs, and maybe go to the ocean for a long swim and then take a tub. Then read books and go to bed.


  1. That sounds like a stellar birthday plan list! Happy birthday, Audra!! <3

  2. Sounds like a fun-filled day! (Except for missing Adrian-how sweet.)

  3. Happy Birthday Audra! Hope you have an amazing day!



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