We had an amazing day finally wrapping up our nursing home craft giving (thank you to all those who supported us at our Country Kids party!).  It took a while to get the crew their stuff because 1) we were gone all of August,  2) Audra interviewed them as to what they wanted and they generated a list for us, 3) we had to go shopping, and 4) we had to get share day into their calendar (and not mess up Bingo).  They were THRILLED with the presents!  So much so that we are going back today for our new service project.  Day 2 of book club!  I'm reading more Old Squire's stories (from Maine farms) to the residents and my kids and the kids are making artwork to share as I read.  We're in the calendar for every Tuesday until this chapter book is done. 


  1. What a wonderful way to help kids learn the blessings of serving others.



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