Today was a good day

Today was a good day.  This isn't me trying to convince myself that it was a good day (which I sometimes do), it just truly was. 

Most folks think homeschoolers spend all their time at home.  We aren't those sorts of homeschoolers. Our life as of late is rushing here/there/everywhere. Usually Wednesdays are a very busy.  Today we had nothing.

Know what we did?

Nothing. And everything. 

Nothing in that we stayed at home and didn't go anywhere.

Everything in that we did everything I wanted to do. And what they wanted to do. And more.

We did our school work and took care of our animals. We read, read and read some more.  We did art. We cooked simple homegrown meals. We stacked wood.  We went for a nature walk (and found a HUGE wasp nest!). We harvested greens and did some gardening. We noticed worms, bugs, spiders, bees, birds and plants. We stayed home.

My children were about 2 inches from me all day long and we enjoyed one another. I (mostly) kept my patience and they (mostly) listened.  We weren't in a hurry.  We weren't rushed.  We just had a perfect day at home sweet home.

Tomorrow and the next and the next and the next we are back to timelines, schedules and places to be.  My kids are already upset that I will be away from them tomorrow.(I've only worked their whole lives and they still aren't used to it!) I don't know when we'll have another day like we had today, but it's okay, because we had today.  Decades from now when they remember their childhood, they will remember days like today. God willing, if I'm living decades from now, when I remember being a mama with littles, I'll remember days like today.  Thankful for a husband who supports me in living the life I dreamed.



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