Anna-Kate is Two and a HALF!


Here we are at 2 1/2! Such a fun age!

Anna-Kate, you are a talker!  Talk talk talk. And when you don't think you'll be heard, you'll holler "I A TALKA!!!!!" until we listen. You talk like a kid twice your age. And you sing (Little teapot!) and tell stories. Talk on the phone. And argue.  And tattle.  Sometimes you tattle on yourself.  You love people too.  Folks in nursery get a kick out of you.

You love books like the rest of us. You didn't need board books for long, you moved right along to the regular paper pages and listening to longer stories.  You'll 'read' on your own or with anyone else but you do NOT like your sibling's chapter books. "NO AUDIO," you say.

You are an excellent eater.  You can down a salad big enough for a grown up. You love fruit. You love eggs.  You love meat. Sweets and carbs are a take it or leave it with you. But you'll eat green onions raw (lots of them).  You still love colorful foods most. 

Although you want to walk (aka RUN) everywhere, we still do make you go in the stroller or on our back at times so we don't lose you. You do a lot of jumping. And dancing. You can move your hips like Beyonce. 

You can spend half you day with play doh. You also love to color or paint. You play babies a lot. You have two names for babies. Either they are "CC" or "Jonah".  You also love to play dress up with your sister.  You want so desperately to help and be big. Your helpfulness gets exhausting at times. 

You only wear dresses.  Morning, noon and night. You especially love your 'petticoat' and prefer to wear that, among other layers, with your dresses. You also love shoes.  Shoes that fit and shoes that are huge. You wear them proudly. And accessories. Oh the accessories...

You are such a sunshine in our life!  You were my begged for baby but goodness, you are a daddy's girl too.  We both cannot imagine our lives without you, we love you so.  Happy two and a HALF, Anna-Katherine! 

Love, Mama 

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