Teacher of Wild Things

 Life as a teacher of these wild things is anything but relaxing as of late. At this point in the year, homeschooling is anything but staying home, so it seems!  We are so involved in so many things (good things!) that it seems like we're going left, right, up, down, back and forth. And we've had extra little wild things as of late (6 wild little humans to school today).  Truth be told, I am finding myself a wee bit frazzled. Okay, a lot a bit frazzled. Although my energy is running low and I'm losing steam earlier in the day than I'd like, I need to not hit the hay before reflecting on our day/week/month/school year.  Thus far, it's been good, good, good.  Don't get me wrong, I'm my worst critic.  I could tell you each day how I fell short, what I want to do better, how I really am not measuring up.  Those thoughts I am pushing aside because all in all, I'm proud of these wild things and the humans they are becoming.  I feel incredibly blessed to teach these wild things.

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