Filling 'orders'

A week and a half ago, after the kids went to bed, I posted on a local mom's facebook group that we would be giving away bouquets of lilacs and rhubarb per request.  I recorded the requests on a clipboard and presented it to my kids the next morning.  They had a blast fulfilling all the 'orders'.  They loved this 'important' job.

 I'm thankful that even though we are staying home, even though our funds aren't abundant, we still are finding ways of doing a weekly service activity. (Weekly service has been a family goal for the last few years).  We've really had to use our thinking caps during this pandemic to find ways to serve.  Folks in the community really enjoyed their free gifts from us.


  1. Your family has generous hearts.

  2. Oh that's such a great idea! Blessings upon you and your family



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