Garden 2020: Update 3

Update 1
Update 2

This is apparently the year of no rain, thankful it was the year of mulch for me.  Things are growing!

 I think I always, always, always want a woodchip garden. I absolutely love it. I can pull back the wood chips in the heat of the day and there is moisture in the soil.  Plus the woodchips are decomposing and adding extra love into the soil.
 My first handful of cherries.
 Experimenting with dehydrator a friend gave me.  Oregano.
 And chopped garlic scapes, hopefully to make into garlic powder.
 Been getting a tomato a day from the one tomato plant I bought that was large. Of course cilantro is in there too.
 I'm never in pictures, figured I'd do a little selfie so you can see me dirty, sweaty and happy.

1 comment:

  1. You are absolutely glowing and gorgeous! ;0D

    Your garden looks amazing!



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