Garden 2020 Update #2

Update #1 link here, what a change from last month!
I've worked so hard out here. SO, SO blessed this is my backyard, stocked with so much to feed us. Hard to believe this was field when we first moved in other than one patch of rhubarb. Now there's an orchard, a blueberry patch, raspberry hedge, strawberry patch, asparagus patch, lots of rhubarb, a 40x40 garden (majority of it grown from seeds I've saved over the years) and some raised beds. I've got stains, scrapes, tan lines, dirt under my fingernails, barn boots, a messy bun and 3 kids following me around who can identify weeds, grow their own food, forage for wild edibles and not just survive, but thrive during a pandemic and beyond. I've never been and never will be a fancy girl, rugged is and always will be my style. Perhaps rugged can be the 'in style' during a pandemic? 

 Hard to believe most of this I started from seed, most of the seeds I have saved over the year.  This garden cost next to nothing!
 Working towards a Back to Eden garden

 But also doing some Ruth Stout method.
 Thankful for volunteers in the compost.
 Thinking I need another patch.
 Best I ever took care of my blueberries.
 7 years ago, this was field.

 I even started to weed my raspberries this year.
 I grew most of this.
 I grew all of this.
 Homemade buns, homemade veggies burgers, some homegrown lettuce too.
So thankful for the bounty from my backyard.


  1. Wow, looks great! Are those fruit trees you planted?

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