My view from here

 Spent some time on this rock garden this year and last.
 (I made his shorts)
 (I made AK's dress)
 (I made Audra's dress)
 (They each are wearing something I made)
 (all wearing mama mades, 5 homemade items in this pic <3)
(I made Audra's dress)
(I made the popsicle, lol)

 (Folding Audra's laundry, I made this whole stack!)
(I made the bread)

And now it's shifting to them.  Look what they made! And the flowers they picked!

I'm always focusing on that which I do not do, but my view from here is dreamy as soon as I change my perspective.


  1. Your kids are more accomplished than some adults. You're doing enough!

  2. Oh that's great! I loved my grandmother's clothes that she sewed for me and the Beautiful sweaters that she knit for me. My mother was not exactly the handy type when it came to that kind of thing. I made some of my daughter's clothes on occasion. It's great that they know how to do so many things at their age enter not sitting in the front of a device all the time. You are one good Mama and I'm sure Dad contributes too!



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