Christmas Recap 2020


Christmas with just us. 
They first saw what Santa left them by the fire and then the very first thing the want to do is have ME unwrap the presents they bought for ME!   Here are the random treasures they bought for me at the thrift store. I love them.  I'm so impressed with what they purchased at our one twenty minute visit to the thrift shop.
And here are some treasures they found for their dad
Adrian bought this for Audra.
Audra picked this out for Adrian.
Adrian bought this for Anna-Kate. Such thoughtful thrifted finds! 
After they had given all their gifts, then they started opening theirs.  FIrst the treasures mailed to us (thank you!).
And last were the ones from us.  Four gifts for each kid: Want, Wear, Make and Read. Anna-Kate loved her doll that I made her.
Adrian was thrilled with his erector set from the 1950s.
And his homemade vest.
Audra was over the moon with her homemade dress, bonnet and boots.

Adrian's loot.
Audra's loot.
Anna-Kate's loot.
Small, just us, but they were happy.  And now they will have hours of play with their fort kit from Santa.  Thankful to be together and healthy. 

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