Homemade Christmas: Capsule Wardrobe

Very, very excited about this set for Anna-Kate!  I dreamed of a simple base layer (the peachish/pinkish dress) with some coordinating jumpers to go over the dress. Sort of like a capsule wardrobe.  She can wear the three jumpers just on their own in summer, or with the base layer dress for year round wear.  The first fabric is deer and foxes, then flowers, then cats.  I made them the next size up, hope they last!  I also practiced my button game.  I think there are 33 small buttons total in the backs of these. It's the same vintage pattern that I used to make this dress  (which Audra wore a lot and Anna-Kate wears now).  All of the fabric was thrifted or gifted, so this Christmas present was practically free.  I hope she loves it! 

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