Today's post comes along with a story. 

For years we had a swingset out back, which the kids did enjoy.  However, in the heat of summer, it was in direct sun with no shade for any reprieve.  They didn't go out there much when it was hot.  In the winter the way the snow drifts, it was hard to get to it with a lot of snow.  It didn't get used much in the winter either. 

We received it second hand from a friend and had been reinforcing it and replacing boards steadily trying to get it to last one more year.  When we were in Florida a few years ago, it blew over and was too broken to be worth it to fix. Here's a pic below, with little Audra swinging, wearing an apron I made her.

Believe it or not, I somehow found a 'swingset in the box' kit at the thrift store for $15, all the hardware and swings included, just add the wood. This project has been on our to do list for a few years and I struggled thinking where we should put it. I knew I wanted it to be on the north side of a tree for summer shade but I also wanted it to be visible from the kitchen.  

I dreamed a little dream a few years back when this maple self seeded. I trimmed around it, added manure and spent hours after hours removing the multiflora rose from this site (and have scars to prove it). I said "Someday this could be the shade tree I was hoping for."  Well, look at my tree below!  Coddled and tended by me, finally taking off to be the shade for their swingset. I can see them while I hang my laundry. I can see them from my kitchen sink. I can see them from the barn.  It's close enough that it's not hard to get to. It's right by the barn for chicken fun. Many thanks to my husband and his friend for making this happen!

They are so happy!

I think we might try to put some woodchips or something down next summer, but for now, they are enjoying it as is.

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