Give us a fort, all to ourselves.

And we have fun.

And I go crazy with the camera.

 The view, with not one, but two lighthouses.

Room to run and roam!

And the marvelous fort. And a picnic.
 Such a grand place for a picnic.

 And the rocks were perfect for jumping.

 Or dancing.

 Can't beat the scenery.

And my very fave...the best daddy in the world...
 showing them how to pop the heads off of dandelions.
 And a selfie to show I really was there!


Couldn't ask for a better family day. Happy mama. <3


  1. very sweet. looks like the perfect place to run and explore!

  2. We Love it there! Last time we were there 4 seals came up at the rocks......... I didn't have my camera........ We also love to look around in the cemetary at The Peperill House (spelled wrong I am sure). The views and history at the coast are overwhelming.

  3. Your kids are so sweet together. Looks like a picture-perfect family day.

  4. What an awesome site and the perfect place for a picnic! You really did have it all to yourselves! I love the photos.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely excursion!

  5. That looks like an awesome place!! Where is it? ( I am local in limington ;)



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