10 years!


10 years ago today, we got the keys to my most favorite place. A decade ago. It feels like forever ago and just yesterday a wrapped up into one. 

I was listening to a radio program earlier today and the broadcaster asked "How much have we changed in the last 10 years?" He asserted that most everyone hasn't hardly changed at all in the last decade.  

I was listening to that and goodness, I would disagree. I'm hardly the same person I was a decade ago. We've had to stretch our dollars to make them count for the things that need fixing.  We've dealt with (and keep dealing with) the stress of projects that come along with an old house.  BUT, this home has allowed me so many more homesteading opportunities with gardens and livestock.  It's given me room host gatherings and I have hosted MANY.  It's given me a chance to earn a little money with the roadside stands. It has allowed me to house more books and fabric (yay!) and educate my children in a way that is just so more robust than if we lived elsewhere. It allows me the chance to dream of all the possibilities that lay ahead. 

I love our home with my whole heart and am so content to spend the rest of my days living this dream.  Eager to see what the next decade brings. 

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