Anna-Kate is Five and a HALF


Anna-Kate is five and a HALF! 


Four and a HALF


 three and a HALF.


You are five and a HALF and just tickled to add that extra half!  

If I could describe you in one word, I would say you are a TALKER.  You talk and talk and TALK.  ALL day long, even in your sleep. You talk to yourself, you talk to others, you've never met a stranger. You sing, recite poems and narrate all you do. We can leave you in the bath and be far away and not worry, because we can HEAR you. Sometimes your dad offers to pay you for a bit of silence.  You'd rather talk than have money. 

You are so independent in so many ways (such as choosing your wardrobe, tidying up your toys, choosing what order you wish to put the letters of your name in) and so 'little' in other ways (such as you'd like to be carried places and have someone buckle you in, even though you are plenty capable). 

You love books-being read to, looking at pictures on your own, listening to audio and the animated books on Kanopy. You have many mostly memorized, such as Smart Little Mouse is a fave.  You are eager to learn, love to 'do school' (provided you can do it your own way, of course). Other than books, I'd say your next fave would be Spanish. You are quick to pick up everything and have some poetry, songs and books memorized in Spanish.  You also love nature, especially edible plants. 

While you are perfectly happy playing alone, you love how Adrian has made a special nook for you in his room to come play.  You love how Audra dresses you up and plays old fashioned with you. 

You love people of all ages.  I mentioned that you talk to everyone, but you also have a skill in getting other people to talk to you. You ask questions, give compliments and remember things. People of all ages love you. So far you're not competitive at all. Playing games with others is about connection, not winning (which is like your mama!).  Out of all people in the world, I know I'm your most favorite.  I worked a lot of hours when your siblings were your age and work much fewer hours now.  Whenever I am away from you for an hour or two, you think it's forever and express your love for me with a giant hug.  

I'm so thankful I got you, my 'one more' that I begged for.  You are a perfect grand finale for our little family and we love you so. 

Love, Mama

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