A very nature day

The bonus of being a homeschooler is taking full advantage of every day being a nature day when the weather is this grand and the trees are this spectacular.

We started our day with a date with just Anna-Kate and me.  We went to a Leaf program for 3-5 year olds. Somehow there were just three other kids at the program. We had a ball. She kept looking at me and hugging me, telling me she loved me so much and she was so happy we had a date.  


Meanwhile these three were off exploring, Justin had taken the day off.

She was so happy! 
We had lunch as a family of five at the ocean and I didn't snap one pic. High tide, waves crashing, seagulls wanting our lunch. I then came home to fun mail!  Target's buy one get one 50%. A few titles I was longing for were delivered.
Then tonight, I attended a mushroom program with the big kids at the library. There were only 3 other participants other than us, and it was fantastic!  Tomorrow we'll be foraging for mushrooms with the presenters (in a downpour). We can't wait!

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