To be honest, I was a little worried and a little sad that Anna-Kate's early learning would be so different from her older siblings. When Adrian and Audra were little, everything we did was preschool-like/kindergarten like at those ages. I have to spend time doing lots of big kid stuff with homeschooling a 4th and 6th grader.  My time at home is much more divided with such an age gap, I just can't have the whole time set up to be only with her.  Goodness, I was wrong.  In fact the opposite is quite true. This little girl savors her 1:1 time and is creative, focused and independent much of the time on her own. She's thriving and I just couldn't be more proud of her! 


(Above is the same book I did in Kindergarten that she breezed through. Below is my vintage Disney playset). 

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