Seasons change

Feels like October now we have our pumpkins carved. We grew our pumpkins this year and carved them with our 4-H club.

The frost rolled in, now starts the looooong fall to do list before winter.


Adrian is ready and organized and getting to work. No one needs to tell him what to do. He just does it. Yesterday he put the hoses away. Today he's raking.  Our woodshed is already full thanks to him.

Audra is always around. but definitely doesn't want to help. 

Anna-Kate is the smart one. She sometimes hides so no one tries to get her to help.

This one would like to hide, but I find him.   We took the floor to ceiling screens out of the porch and put the walls and windows back in for fall/winter.
Bit by bit, we're getting winter ready!

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