Birth Order and Cross Country Skiing

Me: "Kids, today is the last day before rain ruins our snow.  Get out there".  

The three personalities of xc skiing, birth order edition...

1) Youngest: Not really interested in moving. Maybe try a bit.  Whine. Ask for a push, tug, something. 

Ooo, get a little speed from the hill.  Woooo! 
Nevermind. Too much work, eat snow instead.
So no one is going to push or pull for real?  Done. Never doing this again. Too much work.
2)First born: Laps, exploring, discovering wildlife, taking loops in our yard and our neighbor's. Gives full report on railroad construction progress.

3) Middle: Basically dark once all is organized and ready.  Why is everyone else done?  Can I be out here all night? Might just do a little ski jump here and there.  Not hungry for dinner. In search of a flashlight to extend the fun.

Me: First afternoon with no work and no plans in a long, long time and this basically took the whole afternoon.  Is it bedtime yet?

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