All the wet, heavy snow came, snowblower broke and we're all sore from shoveling.   Thankful the space I've been leading 4-H is only 2.5 miles from home, so we had our regular art class yesterday and sewing today. Fewer friends were able to come with the snow, but it feels like we had a couple of busy days for sure! To add to the intensity, we had a wire down. All is fixed up now!  We're gearing up for our 10th annual Country Kids Christmas Edition on Winter Solstice.  Do let me know if you're local and would like an invite! 

Her little penguin she stitched. <3 
I'm *this close* to getting gifts all stitched up for Christmas. Trying to go through the days with purpose and peace and not focus on how overwhelming the to do list seems. 

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