Busy, and thankful


Relishing in the warmth of kindness and thoughtful gifts (thank you!) and thick in a busy season of serving this week.  Yesterday I hosted a large crew and we made evergreen arrangements as a service project. I'm half way through the art series I'm leading and prepping projects for that. I am leading a double header holiday sewing workshop this weekend, kids in the morning and adults in the afternoon.  I just got five sewing machines threaded and ready to go. Five sewing machines makes me far from a minimalist.  Toss in medical appointments, work, a church service night, an outdoor fire club we are a part of and a church program we're leading this weekend, it's the rest of the week and the weekend jam packed with a whole lot of good stuff.  I'm behind in my assignments for the Master Gardener Volunteer program, my kitchen could definitely use some attention, there are errands to run and things to do, we still need to eat and we're still homeschooling.  I'll be going through these days one step at a time, squelching out the inner talk of the things I'm not doing and amplifying the good that's happening each and everyday. 

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